Chief’s @FPLHints MLN Review

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My Little Nuts (MLN) – Fantasy football reloaded!

I took part in two MLN leagues last month and enjoyed learning the ropes of this new game.  In fact, I had the good fortune of winning both leagues that I contested.

At its core, this game is all about beating your league rivals by facing off against them on a H2H basis every week.  To win, you need to ensure that your MLN team scores more real life Premier League goals than your opponents’ XI for that given Gameweek.  It’s as simple as that!

MLN leagues have a restricted threshold of entrants (maximum of 10), which is ideal for a group of mates that are seeking an alternative fantasy football game.  It’s also nice to know that you’re facing against a handful of like-minded folks instead of millions of random people.

To ensure that I won my fixture every week, I needed to be savvy with my player picks from the onset, i.e. those with high strike rates from across the field that would be capable of outscoring my H2H rival.  Unusually for a fantasy football game, there are no transfers once a league becomes active except in Expert mode.. This meant I had to make shrewd purchases from the get-go and plan ahead.

It was nice having a substantial budget of £500M which was useful for the initial (and only) rounds of bidding that took place.  This seemed pretty fair as it gave each person a fair chance to bid on a player of their choice.  My main focus was bidding the highest amount available on premium strikers or those players that had good upcoming games on paper.  I also made bids on under-the-radar differentials with the remainder of my budget.

To add a variable in the mix, MLN also have in-play bonuses, such as the ‘WTF suitcase’.  I didn’t make use of that but it certainly adds another quirk to the game.  There are also two different levels, normal and expert, but being new to the game I didn’t dare opt for the latter.

I will certainly be playing MLN again. If you want to play too you can sign up HERE: . You’ll need at least 2 of you to form a league.